Brand Owner Address Description
IRONMAN INNOVATION Ironman Innovation 80 George Hill Road Newnan GA 30263 Painting of signs;

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Technical Examples
  1. A movable spray-painting stand includes a worktable provided with four casters and having a wind-exhausting device and a filtering device assembled thereon. The wind-exhausting device has an air inlet communicating with the wind outlet of the filtering device. A separating device is provided in front of the wind inlet of the filtering device to form a spray painting space. A collapsible work frame is pivotally assembled with the work table and positioned under the separating device, able to be positioned in the spray painting space after articles to be spray painted are placed on its upper plate. The spray painting stand can be moved around freely, and the exhaust and the odor of paint produced during spray painting can be filtered by the filtering device, conforming to environmental protection and ensuring workers' health.