Brand Owner Address Description
A SMART CHOICE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY L. Perrigo Company 515 Eastern Avenue
Allegan MI 49010
Adhesive bandages; cough drops; dietary supplement ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A semiconductor device which can meet the requirement for a further increase in pins, which multi-functionalization and faster operation would entail is to be provided. Bonding pads and bonding pads are arranged in a zigzag pattern in a direction along an outer circumference of a main surface of a chip. To focus on power supply-line bonding pads among all the bonding pads, an odd number of bonding pads are to be arranged in a direction of the outer circumference of the main surface between adjoining bonding pads. A greater width is secured for the power supply-line bonding pads than for other bonding pads, and a diameter of wires to be connected to the power supply-line bonding pads is set greater than that of other wires.