Brand Owner Address Description
KINGSTON France/Scott Fetzer Company 2268 Fairview Blvd. West
Fairview TN 37062
Oven or Range Door Latches

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Technical Examples
  1. A motorized door lock assembly for locking an oven door mounted on a range body in a closed position so as to close an oven compartment for purposes of cleaning the oven compartment is provided. The door lock assembly comprises a latch, a motor, a rotor arm and a linkage. The latch has a hook at one end for engaging the oven door and is mounted to the range body for rotation about a translatable pivot axis between an unlatched position wherein the hook does not inhibit movement of the oven door and a latched position wherein the hook does inhibit movement of the oven door. The latch is also mounted for reciprocal translation with the pivot axis between a non-pulled-in position wherein the latch does not pull against the oven door and a pulled-in position wherein the latch pulls against the oven door. The rotor arm is rotatably driven by the motor. The linkage extends generally from a back to a front of the range body above the oven compartment and is secured to the rotor arm at one end and secured to the latch at the other end. Upon rotation of the rotor arm by the motor, the linkage translates inducing rotation of the latch from the unlatched position to the latched position prior to translating the latch from the non-pulled-in to the pulled-in position.