Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BASALTX Pacific-Entermark-VertriebsgesellschaftmbH Porschestr. 4-6
73269 Hochdorf
Racquet sports equipment, racquets for tennis, ...
SUMMIT Heritage Sporting Products Pty Ltd Unit 1, 22-24 Strathwyn Street,
Brendale 4500
Sporting articles; footballs and other balls ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method of packaging an integrated circuit die includes the steps of loading an array of soft conductive balls into recesses formed in a platen and locating the platen in a first part of a mold cavity. A second part of the mold is pressed against the balls to flatten a surface of the balls. A first mold compound then is injected into the mold cavity such that the mold compound surrounds exposed portions of the balls. The balls are removed from the platen and a first side of an integrated circuit die is attached to the balls. Die bonding pads on a second side of the die are electrically connected to respective ones of the balls surrounding the die, and then the die, the electrical connections, and a top portion of the conductive balls is encapsulated with a second mold compound.