Brand Owner Address Description
SATBEAMS Satbeams SPRL Av de la Bonne Fosse 12
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
(Based on Use in Commerce) Computer ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A fluidic machine has a fixed body, an external orbital member rotatable around a first rotational axis and internal gear teeth including a first teeth number, a transmission member rotatable around a second rotational axis, an internal orbital member supported by the transmission member, having external gear teeth including a second teeth number different from the first teeth number and meshing with the internal gear teeth of the external orbital member, thus determining among the gear teeth of the two orbital members spaces whose volume is variable during rotation. One of the orbital members is mounted axially displaceable and is pushed by an elastic push member in the direction producing a more extended engagement with the other orbital member, and a piston, mounted displaceable within the non-axially displaceable orbital member and resting against the axially displaceable orbital member, is subjected, to the pressure of the high pressure connection.