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AUCHAN GROUPE AUCHAN 40 avenue de FlandreF-59170 CROIX
Beers, mineral and sparkling water, non-alcoholic ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Embodiments of subcombination and the fruit extraction device of the present invention provide for fruit juice extraction where synchronized and concentric elements press a fruit, such as an orange, without crushing the peel, by this avoiding the dispersion of acids from the peel, favoring the retention of juice having lower acid levels. Embodiments of the subcombination and the fruit extraction device of which it is a portion shear the peel in multiple slivers, at the same time compressing the fruit. In an exemplary embodiment, a subcombination comprises a fixed and a mobile peeler, each having radially extending blades that form a space within which a fruit may be positioned for juice extraction, and a perforating filtering tube within the fixed peeler, and a piston adapted to pass through the lumen of the perforating filtering tube to cyclically clean it of the residues of a compressed fruit prior to extraction of the next fruit.