Brand Owner Address Description
PEARMAIN Zhejiang Pearmain Electronics Co., Ltd. 4F Yitai Mantion, 76 Gucui Road
Access control and alarm monitoring systems; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An apparatus and method for detecting and correcting for physical misalignments of a pair of digital cameras creating a composite, three dimensional (3D) image of a target. The method involves using the distances from each of a pair of digital cameras to a target and determining correction offset values for one or the other of the images produced in the digital cameras to achieve pixel-to-pixel coincidence of the two images. The correction offset values are calculated and performed in real time and eliminate the need to physically remove a common platform on which the cameras are mounted from a mobile platform or other support structure, and to transport same to a laboratory environment for the needed calibration. Advantageously, the correction values are generated electronically and applied in real time as any misalignment between the cameras is sensed.