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AUSPIBOR NEGOCE BRUNO 2993 route de la ProvenceFR
Clothing for men, women, children ...
DEATH VALLEY DIVA Fashion Storms, LLC Suite B
4400 Barnett St.
Metairie LA 70006
Clothing, pants, shirts, blouses, shorts, tops, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention relates to a soft feeling, aesthetically pleasing, and form-fitting disposable nonwoven undergarment for men, women, and youths, and optionally comprises a protective panel for those individuals with mild incontinence conditions. It is the object of the present invention to provide a comfortable, durable disposable undergarment by forming the undergarment of a three-dimensionally imaged nonwoven fabric. The present invention discloses an assortment of durable, disposable undergarments capable of meeting the needs of the general public, and specifically, to subsets of the population such as travelers, athletes, medical personnel and patients, for which routine care of conventional undergarments is inconvenient or unavailable.