Brand Owner Address Description
GELLI ARTS Gelli Arts LLC 810 S. 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
painting accessories, palettes, paint, ink, craft ...

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Technical Examples
  1. With a device for applying paint onto surfaces, especially ceilings and/or walls, comprising an applicator roll (1) rotatably supported on a bracket (2) fitted onto a stick (3), and a drip cup (5) associated to the applicator roll (1) and fitted displacably onto the stick, said drip cup comprising an opening (7) traversed by the stick (3) and a pipe socket (8) projecting from the opening and enclosing the stick (3) but being shorter than said stick (3), the drip cup (5) being retractable from a working position in which it encloses the stick-sided peripheral area of the applicator roll (1) to a release position in which the applicator roll (1) is pushed out of the drip cup (5), and vice-versa, a simple and easily applicable construction may be achieved in that the drip cup (5) is supported on the stick (3) in a self-locking way by a frictional force which may be overcome manually.