Brand Owner Address Description
PRINCESS CASSARA Lisa Frank, Inc. 6760 S. Lisa Frank Avenue
Tucson AZ 85756

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Technical Examples
  1. Two metal blocks (50, 52) are welded to respective metal sheets (30, 32) to form sealed assemblies. The sealed assemblies are then diffusion bonded together to form two metal preforms (54, 56). The thick ends (36) and (40) of the metal sheets (30, 32) and the metal blocks (50, 52) are hot formed so that a continuation of the plane X of the first surfaces (42, 46) of the metal sheets (30, 32) extends through and across the metal blocks (50, 52). The metal preforms (54, 56) are machined to remove the portion of the metal blocks (50, 52) extending above the first surfaces (42, 46) of the metal sheets (30, 32) respectively. The metal preforms (54, 56) and a metal sheet (58) are assembled into a stack (64). The metal preforms (54, 56) and the metal sheet (58) are diffusion bonded together and then superplastically formed to produce a hollow fan blade (10). The method enables thinner metal workpieces with better microstructure to be used and increases the yield of metal workpieces.