Brand Owner Address Description
AN APPETITE FOR ADVENTURE Topco Holdings, Inc. 150 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village IL 60007
Non-alcoholic cocktail mixers; sodas, regular ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An improved carbonated protein beverage/drink composition which provides a relatively high protein content, ranging from about 2% by weight to about 15% by weight, while simultaneously employing a carbonation concentration between about 0.1 volumes of carbonation (per volume of liquid drink solution or liquid drink suspension) to about 4 volumes of carbonation. Preferably the protein is whey protein. The carbonated protein beverage has been heat treated to inactivate microbes in the presence of the carbonation which is used to provide taste and mouth feel for the drink. Typically, the treatment for microbe inactivation is carried out in the individual package used for storage and handling of the carbonated protein drink.