Brand Owner Address Description
GUESS WITH JESS Woodland Animations Limited c/o Entertainment Rights PLC
London W6 7JP
United Kingdom
Clothing, t-shirts, pajamas, shorts, sweatshirts, underwear, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An agend fiber composed of an active agent/positive dispensing carrier combination and a fiber forming component. As a fiber or nonwoven or textile fabric containing the fiber, the agend delivers the active agent at a desired rate under conditions of use. Product applications include personal care products such as diapers, training pants, swimwear, refastenable pants, absorbent underwear, feminine hygiene products, incontinent wear, wound dressings and cleansing wipes. The fibers may be formed as monocomponent fibers or multicomponent fibers of varying configurations. Active agents that can be dispensed include skin wellness agents, therapeutic agents, and cleaning agents, for example. In accordance with the invention, agend fibers provide desirable uniformity of dispensing and control of dispensing rates.