Brand Owner Address Description
BASSIK Winter Circle Productions, LLC 200 Cherokee St.
200 Cherokee St.
New Orleans LA 70118
Entertainment services, organizing live musical performances, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A device comprising a dancing roller (1) and a stopping means (2) is used for establishing an imbricated stream of flat articles (4), in particular of printed products such as newspapers, magazines or brochures, from a supplied imbricated stream or stream of imbricated stacks or from a stack of the articles (4). The dancing roller (1) and the stopping means (2) co-operate with a conveying surface (3). The conveying surface (3) acts on the imbricated stream from the side of the trailing article edges. The dancing roller (1) and the stopping means (2) act on the side of the leading article edges. The dancing roller (1) is arranged downstream of the stopping means (2) and controls the stopping means (2), by being mechanically coupled to it, in such a manner, that the width of a passage gap between the stopping means (2) and the conveying surface (3) is enlarged such, that an article (4) held up by the stopping means is able to pass through the passage gap, when the dancing roller senses the leading edge of the preceding article. The device is suitable for being employed in particular in the further processing of printed products, e.g., for establishing imbricated streams of individual printed products from streams of imbricated stacks. The essential advantages of the device reside in its simplicity and in its many and diverse possibilities of being utilised.