Brand Owner Address Description
B BUDGET APPAREL Budget Company Limited 16/F, No. 78 Hung To Road
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Advertisement and publicity services by television, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. The subject invention is directed to a method and system for selecting and purchasing media advertising in a user/server environment accessed through a Web site. The method includes accessing a server system through a Web site by an advertiser in which the advertiser provides information relating to buying criteria and customer data through a form on the Web page in order to select and purchase media advertising. The server system receives and processes the information in order to create at least one media advertising rate request. The server system transmits the rate request to at least one media outlet for processing. The media outlet processes the rate request and transmits the processed rate request to the server system. The server system manipulates the processed rate request to create a media advertising schedule and then transmits the advertising schedule to the advertiser. The advertiser receives the schedule, makes a media advertising purchase decision and transmits the purchase decision back to the server system. Thereafter, the server system transmits the media advertising purchase decision to the media outlet for reserving the purchased advertising.