Brand Owner Address Description
1ST TIER Owen Mumford Limited Brook Hill
Woodstock Oxford OX201TU
United Kingdom
Drug delivery pens and needles; blood ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system suitable for collecting a body fluid, in particular blood from a body region of a person to be examined which comprises a lancing device which is suitable for holding a lancet, a lancet magazine for storing two or several lancets which has a transport device for the lancets and has an opening into which the lancing device can be inserted to remove a lancet from the lancet magazine, and two or several lancets, and which comprises a method for removing a lancet from a lancet magazine in which a lancet located in the lancet magazine is manually or automatically transported into a removal position in the interior of the lancet magazine, a lancing device is partially inserted into the opening provided in the lancet magazine in the process of which the lancing device automatically grips the lancet located in the removal position when it is partially inserted and the lancing device with the gripped lancet is removed from the lancet magazine.