Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
M-E MIDDLE-EARTH The Saul Zaentz Company 2600 Tenth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
compact discs featuring fantasy games, fantasy ...
SIEGE OF MIRKWOOD The Saul Zaentz Company 2600 Tenth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
downloadable online interactive computer game programs ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Music is blanket transmitted (for example, via satellite downlink transmission) to each customer's user station where selected music files are recorded. Customers preselect from a list of available music in advance using an interactive screen selector, and pay only for music that they choose to playback for their enjoyment. An antipiracy "ID tag" is woven into the recorded music so that any illegal copies therefrom may be traced to the purchase transaction. Music is transmitted on a fixed schedule or through an active scheduling process that monitors music requests from all or a subset of satellite receivers and adjust scheduling according to demand for various CD's. Receivers store selections that are likely to be preferred by a specific customer. In those instances where weather conditions, motion of atmospheric layers or dish obstructions result in data loss, the system downloads the next transmission of the requested CD and uses both transmissions to produce a "good copy". In conjunction with the blanket transmission of more popular music, an automated CD manufacturing facility may be provided to manufacture CD's that are not frequently requested and distribute them by ground transportation.