Brand Owner Address Description
ALLEGIANT Summit Entertainment, LLC 2700 Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica CA 90404
Backpacks adapted for holding computers; battery ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. An API is provided that enables programmability of a 3D chip, wherein programming or algorithmic elements written by the developer can be downloaded to the chip, thereby programming the chip to perform those algorithms. A developer writes a routine that is downloadable to a 3D graphics chip. There are also a set of algorithmic elements that are provided in connection with the API that have already been programmed for the developer, that are downloadable to the programmable chip for improved performance. Thus, a developer may download preexisting API objects to a 3D graphics chip. A developer adheres to a specific format for packing up an algorithmic element, or set of instructions, for implementation by a 3D graphics chip. The developer packs the instruction set into an array of numbers, by referring to a list of 'tokens' understood by the 3D graphics chip. This array of numbers in turn is mapped correctly to the 3D graphics chip for implementation of the algorithmic element by the 3D graphics chip.