Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
M-E MIDDLE-EARTH The Saul Zaentz Company 2600 Tenth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
compact discs featuring fantasy games, fantasy ...
SIEGE OF MIRKWOOD The Saul Zaentz Company 2600 Tenth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
downloadable online interactive computer game programs ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A musical keyboard is connected to a computer. The computer implements a graphical user interface for teaching users to play the musical instrument. A computer readable music file, such as a MIDI file, is used to drive the creation of game objects that travel from a point of origination along a path toward a key of a virtual keyboard. In one form, when a user presses a key of the musical keyboard within a certain time window of arrival of the game object at the corresponding key of the virtual keyboard, the user is awarded with an audio presentation, a visual presentation and/or with game points. In a more structured learning mode, the game can be played with selectable, progressively more difficult challenges that the user masters on the road to proficiency.