Brand Owner Address Description
BIG FIVE Beling, Joel L 1 Mirboo Court
Dallas, Victoria 3047
Educational and entertainment services, a continuing ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. The image display system for transmitting a movie picture conformable to reproducing ability of a mobile terminal such as a mobile phone, comprises an image database for recording a plurality of movie pictures associated with the identification information intrinsic to the movie picture, and the number of pixels or an image size of the movie picture or the type of the mobile phone, a receiving device for receiving the identification information for identifying the movie picture from the mobile phone and the information involving the image size or the type of the mobile phone, a retrieval device for retrieving the corresponding movie picture from the image database, using the identification information of the received movie picture and the image size or the type of the mobile phone, and a transmitting device for reading out and transmitting the retrieved movie picture from the movie database to the mobile phone. Thus, in the image server and the image display system, the rich contents of a movie picture can be automatically and efficiently retrieved and transmitted to a mobile phone with lower reproducing ability.