Brand Owner Address Description
ACCESSBIDDING accessbidding, llc. 159 Wawayanda Ave
Middletown NY 10940
Advertising and business services, providing an ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A simple region-specific broadcasting system for broadcasting information pertinent to motor vehicles in sequential regions of a roadway or highway directly to such vehicles when the vehicles are passing through such sequential regions. Existing cellular facilities and resources may be advantageously used in the implementation of the system. A system for broadcasting short range RF real-time information to motor vehicles traveling along a roadway implemented through a sequence of transceiving short range broadcast stations along said highway, the stations spaced so that the broadcast ranges of said stations tangentially overlap each other. Each of the sequence of motor vehicles moving along this roadway should include a transceiver for the short range RF signals. There is in each of the motor vehicles with said transceivers, an implementation for transmitting data that is specific to the transmitting motor vehicle, together with means in the broadcast stations for broadcasting the data specific to the transmitting motor vehicle to all of said motor vehicle transceivers.