Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
AURIONPRO aurionPro Solutions, Inc. 2410 Camino Ramon, Suite 339
San Ramon CA 94583
Computer and software consulting services in ...
DOOCAT Gallery-Systems, Inc. 43 B Aldrich Rd.
Watertown MA 02472
Computer application software for mobile phones, ...
FND FND Mobile Search, Inc. 130 W. Union St
Pasadena CA 91103
Computer application software for mobile phones, ...
MYECHAIN Krause, Mitchel 4141 Banks Stone Drive
Raleigh NC 27603
Computer software development in the field ...
OLIVE BRANCH Royal Bank of Canada c/o RBC Law Group, 6th Floor--North Wing
Montreal, Quebec H3C3A9
Financial services and mobile payments
TIPAFIGHTER TipAFighter Ltd Suite 9 Ansuya Estate, Revolution Avenue
Mobile payments

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A service configured to be accessible by two or more parties to a two-sided funds transfer transaction through a computer network (e.g., the Internet) provides functionality for sending a payment request to a target payer or payee who is not yet registered with the service. Depending upon who is initiating the transaction (i.e., a payer or a payee) the payment requests may be received as requests to send payments or requests to collect payments. In the latter case, the service may be further organized to solicit a payment, for example by transmitting an e-mail message to a second party to the funds transfer transaction. When used to collect payments, the service may be further organized to process one or more responses to the above-mentioned solicitations.