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ALLIANCE TECHNOLOGIES Alliance Technologies 5755 Suncrest Way
Saint Louis MO 63129
Consultation services in the fields of ...
ANUNTA Anunta Technology Management Services Limited RM 1901 AND 1902, 19th Floor, A Wing
Mumbai 400018
Design and development of computer hardware ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An expansion device is provided for expanding the functionality of a mobile electronic device while in a mobile mode and/or in a desktop mode. The expansion device may be a media slice that provides multimedia functionality to a mobile electronic device. The media slice may be configured to receive an electromechanical interface from the mobile electronic device and to replicate the electromechanical interface for connecting to another expansion device, such as to a docking station or a port replicator. The expansion device and the mobile electronic device may be connected via a latch mechanism that easily couples and de-couples the devices. An expansion system is also provided that includes a support stand for providing orientation and support features for a computing device and/or an expansion device.