Brand Owner Address Description
ESSENTIALS BY TUG INNOVATIONS The Underground Group, LLC 1 West 34th Street Suite 602
New York NY 10001
Computer peripherals; computer mice; mobile computing ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Disclosed is a radio modem terminal for mobile communication, comprising a main body having a functional unit for voice communication; a power supply unit hinged at one side of the main body; and a display unit disposed between the power supply unit and the main body, and also hinged with respect to the power supply unit and the main body to form a foldable type mobile communication device. When the radio modem terminal is not connected to a notebook computer, it can be used as a mobile communication terminal, using a power supply unit as its primary power source. However, if the radio modem terminal is connected to the notebook computer, it functions as the PC card, and uses power from the notebook computer as its primary source of power. Accordingly, the radio modem terminal is conveniently transported and used.