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FINWORLD FinWorld, Inc. 405 Railroad Pl West Des Moines IA 50265 Mobile Digital Electronic Devices for sending and receiving of digital data;FIN WORLD;computer services, namely, design, development, and implementation of computer software to provide secure communication among computer systems;
KROGER 360 THE KROGER CO. OF MICHIGAN 40399 Grand River Avenue Novi MI 48375 Mobile digital electronic devices to receive, store, and transmit data;Retail grocery store and retail pharmacy services featuring customer use of mobile electronic devices which receive, store, and transmit retail grocery and retail pharmacy data;

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Technical Examples
  1. A wireless communication network comprising: (1) a plurality of mobile devices each configured to receive a beacon being broadcasted within the network and determine based on information transmitted within the beacon whether the mobile device is supported within the network; and (2) one or more access devices configured to broadcast the beacon within the network. Each of the mobile devices has a transmitting mechanism for communicating with the one or more access device. However, only those mobile devices that are supported by the network respond to the receipt of the beacon. Thus, no transmission occurs from the mobile devices until the device is identified as being supported by the network. These mobile devices instantiating a communication path with the one or more access devices and request an authentication from the one or more access devices. In this manner, a handshake mechanism is established between the access devices and the mobile devices that are supported by the network. Unnecessary requests from illegal mobile devices that clutter up the air waves when attempting to establish a handshake within networks with which they are not compatible is substantially eliminated.