Brand Owner Address Description
2LS TOOLS Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon 75-1, Hasunuma-cho, Itabashi-ku
Tokyo 174-8580
Surveying apparatus and instruments and accessories ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An exterior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes an extendable mirror for improved rearward viewing. The mirror assembly includes a mirror housing, a mirror disposed in the mirror housing, and a structure to allow extension of the mirror between an inboard position and an outboard position. The mirror can include a post disposed in a mirror shell extending along a longitudinal axis offset from a central axis of the mirror. The structure for rotating the mirror can include a pivot part having a shaft disposed in an aperture in the mirror shell which is disposed along the longitudinal axis. The structure for extending the mirror can include a groove in the mirror housing in which the mirror frame is slidably disposed. The frame may be slid relative to the mirror housing from the inboard position to the outboard position.