Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
100% BI-RACIAL Jeffery Roth 28250 C.R. 14
Oak Creek CO 80467
A-shirts; Athletic apparel, shirts, pants, jackets, ...
ANCHOR BRAND Tarzt Teez, LLC P.O. Box 824
Fairhope AL 36533
Belts for clothing; Children's and infant's ...
NABORI CULTURE Medina-Wallace, Clifford M. 282 reservoir pl
BRONX NY 10467
Hoods; Infant and toddler one piece ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A mechanism for hanging garments and other items which comprises a plurality of substantially horizontally disposed rods which define between them slots for removably receiving clothing articles and the like. Each slot has extending therefrom a plurality of fibers which are connected to the rod to extend at an upward inclination and are arcuately moveable relative thereto. When garments or other articles are moved horizontally into slots the fibers resiliently curve downwardly to clamp the garments or other articles against the opposite side of the slot from which they extend in a cam-like fashion. The mechanism may include a plurality of slots arranged in a line or at different levels so that garments in the upper level hang between garments in the lower level. A plurality of mechanisms may be disposed parallel in arrays or mounted on rotatable stands.