Brand Owner Address Description
JAYMAR JAYMAR-RUBY, INC. 5000 South Ohio Street Michigan City IN 46360 MEN'S TROUSERS [ AND BOY'S TROUSERS ];

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. Variable leg width trousers, offering the wearer the ability to change the diameter of the lower leg sections of the trousers near the foot end while keeping the diameter of the upper leg sections constant. Each lower leg section is formed to have a width adjustment slot. The trousers may include a width adjusting insert, releasably attached to the lower leg sections by at least one joining device for each width adjustment slot, with which to vary the size of the width adjusting inserts. This allows the user to select the contraction or expansion of each lower leg section for functionality or appearance. The inserts may be constructed of the same material as the trousers or may be constructed of contrasting materials and/or colors. The width adjusting inserts may incorporate decorative indicia or expressive indicia, or may bear certain functional features, such as reflectors or pockets.