Brand Owner Address Description
MEDEPOT CHEN, CHAO-WEN No. 86, Zhongxing St., West Dist.
Taichung City R.O.C.
Electric blankets for medical purposes; Heating ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system comprising an assembly of structures and supports operable for installation in a vehicle for the purpose of transporting at least one medical attendant, one patient disposed on a stretcher, and a driver on a small utility vehicle having a flat horizontal surface or "bed". The invention provides an improved method for evacuating injured people such as, for example, injured victims of a terrorist attack, or injured soldiers from a battlefield, on a relatively narrow vehicle. The supports are arranged so that at least one patient on a stretcher or spineboard can be placed longitudinally in the bed of the vehicle with a medical practitioner positioned adjacent the patient to attend to the patient's medical needs during transport.