Brand Owner Address Description
MOVIDEO MCM Media Pty Ltd Level 4AU
Entertainment services, the creation, development ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. An anti-piracy software licensing system associates a license file with a particular software product, so that the license file cannot be used with a separate product. The license is associated with one and only one product by associating an Installer Identifier (IID) with the license file. At installation, a set-up or installation program can be executed to install the software product. The set-up program will generate an IID based on a characteristic of the media and will check the generated IID against the IID stored in a license file on the same media. A match will verify that the license file on the media (i.e., the media license file) was not tampered with prior to installation and that the license file was intended to be used with the software product on the media. However, if there is not a match, then the installation will be terminated. At run-time the locally stored license file will be checked. If the license file is present, execution of the software product will be enabled. If the license is absent, execution of the software product will be disabled.