Brand Owner Address Description
MANUSCRIPT CENTRAL OPTIMA CLARIVATE ANALYTICS (US) 1500 SPRING GARDEN PHILIDELPHIA PA 19130 MANUSCRIPT;Providing an online database featuring indexes to scientific and social science literature and bibliographic material of journals; providing online non-downloadable computer programs for creating reference databases and bibliographies; application service provider featuring software for providing a web-based database to manage work flow and publishing tasks related to manuscripts submitted to scholarly journals;

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Technical Examples
  1. An image reader apparatus for lighting a manuscript surface of a manuscript in a line state, and for image-forming a reflection light from a reading part of the manuscript surface lighted in the line state, to an image sensor, by an image forming lens which forms a part of a scaled down optical system so that an image of the manuscript is read, includes an irradiation opening part and an optical element. The irradiation opening part is for irradiating a lighting light to an outside part, which is formed at the light source. The optical element for attenuating a light amount so as to be permeated, which is provided between the irradiation opening part and the manuscript stand.