Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
AG ANAIS GVANI NEW YORK Vani USA, Inc. 130 West 30th Street
New York NY 10001
Jewelry and imitation jewelry, bracelets, charms, ...
CLIQUE Clique Jewelry 7031 Hosta Lane
Moseley VA 23120
Jewelry, magnetic pendants
CONDOM CUTIES Sherry Holman 4202 Aster Blvd.
Howell MI 48843
Jewelry, magnetic pendants
DC BY DARVYAIRE Darvy Couture 5015 W West End Ave
Chicago IL 60644
Alarm clocks, Ankle bracelets, Apparatus for ...
JADA MILAN Jason Dingle c/o Baldonado & Associates PC
1370 Broadway, 5th FL
New York NY 10017
Beads for use in the manufacture ...
Unit 7B, 7/F, Yarley Commercial Building
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Jewelry made in whole or significant ...
MY AMERICAN SOLDIER Inspired Jewelry, Inc PO Box 162
Cedar Rapids IA 52406
Bracelets; Charms; Charms for collar jewelry ...
ORIMAG Edgar Cortez 5014 SW 186 Way
Miramar FL 33029
Earrings; Jewelry, magnetic necklaces; Jewelry, magnetic ...
SCARF CANDY NOUVEAU VINTAGE de Courtivron, Julie L. 425 Halliwell Drive
Stamford CT 06902
Jewelry brooches; Jewelry, magnetic necklaces; Jewelry, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A magnetic recording medium having a non-magnetic support and a magnetic layer formed thereon, wherein the magnetic layer comprises a ferromagnetic powder, a binder and a non-magnetic inorganic powder, and wherein at least 95% of the non-magnetic powder particles contained in the magnetic layer have a particle size of 0.05 to 0.013 ?m, provide that the non-magnetic powder particles are those found in a field of view of 1.8 ?m×2.4 ?m when the surface of the magnetic layer is observed with a scanning electron microscope at a magnification of 50,000 times.