Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
FULLMER LUMBER COMPANY Fullmer Lumber Company P.O. Box 905 Tualatin OR 97062 LUMBER COMPANY;wholesale distributorship services in the field of lumber and other wood products;The lining shown in the drawing is a feature of the mark and is not intended to indicate color.;
INGRAM & LEGRAND LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Ingram Entities, Inc. 5400 Bowman Rd. Macon GA 31210 LUMBER COMPANY, INC.;Non-debarked timber; Raw timber; Undressed timber; Unprocessed timber; Unsawn timber;
THE LUMBER CO. EASTON BASEBALL / SOFTBALL INC. 7855 Haskell Avenue, Suite 200 Van Nuys CA 91406 THE LUMBER COMPANY;Clothing for playing baseball and softball, namely caps, pullovers, tee shirts;
WHITTINGTON LUMBER COMPANY Whittington, Jimmy 3637 Jackson Avenue Memphis TX 38168 LUMBER COMPANY;wholesale stores featuring lumber, hardware and other building materials;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. Lumber having stud locator markings spaced along lengths thereof. The marked lumber assists in layout and assembly of a frame wall comprising bottom plate, top plate, and a plurality of studs extending between the bottom and top plates at one or more of a limited number of regularly-spaced pre-determined stud spacings along the plates. Respective pieces of the lumber are useful in the bottom and/or top plates. Stud locator markings define positions for placement, on the respective plate, of stud ends to be mounted against the respective bottom or top plate. Stud locator markings indicate where front and back surfaces of the studs intersect the respective plate. The stud markings are spaced along the bottom and top plates at one or more of the pre-determined stud spacings. Each stud marking comprises marking material affixed directly to the respective piece of lumber. Preferred spacings for stud markings are about 8 inches, optionally 16 or 24 inches. Variations in spacing between the several stud markings on a piece of lumber, and between respective pieces of lumber, are preferably no more than 0.13 inch. The lumber is preferably substantially devoid of location indicators except for the stud markings. The invention also comprehends methods of fabricating lumber, methods of distributing dimension lumber, and methods of fabricating a wall.