Brand Owner Address Description
RAPID Acer Incorporated 7F-5, No. 369, Fuxing N.Rd., Songshan
Dist., Taipei City 105
Telecommunication devices, personal digital assistants PDAs, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention relates to a protective mask of mobile phone comprising an upper cover body and a lower cover body. The upper and lower cover bodies can be joined with a front and a rear phone housings of a mobile phone, respectively, to effectively prevent abrasion of the mobile phone due to carelessness of a user, thereby preventing ill-favored scars on the mobile phone. Therefore, the deterioration of the quality of the mobile phone and the fall of its value can be avoided. Moreover, trend and fashion of the mobile phone can be achieved without the need of replacing the mobile phone. Therefore, waste of money can be avoided, and economic burden to the user can be lessened.