Brand Owner Address Description
BUT I HATE SALES Bell III, Christopher 4725 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite A-107
Ellicot City MD 21042
Educational services, conducting classes, conferences, workshops ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. This invention provides for a method of delivering goods from a plurality of suppliers to a plurality of buyer utilizing a system having a plurality delivery agents, a plurality of stores, a plurality of good brands, and a plurality of buyers, wherein the delivery agents, stores, and suppliers are linked to a communications network. The method comprises the steps of; each store communicating order information to a logistics intermediary; the logistics intermediary communicating invoice information from the order information to any one of the delivery agents based on an Internet based electronic manifest; the delivery agent noting exceptions and communicating the exceptions to the logistics intermediary; the logistics intermediary communicating exceptions to the supplier and to the store from which the goods were ordered; and, after shipping the goods the delivery agent communicating the status of the shipped goods to the logistics intermediary.