Brand Owner Address Description
M√úVIN MIKAJE LLC 2605 Thomas Dr Suite 150
Panama City Beach FL 32408
Providing a website featuring non-downloadable software ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention relates to a method for listing a user in a directory server and/or locating a subscriber in an internet-type network (RI), by consulting a directory server (SAi), in such a way as to determine an IP address associated with this subscriber. To do so, a smart card (2a) is used, which stores applications (Al) that are each associated with a listing and/or locating ("PL") protocol. Subscriber profiles can be stored in the smart card (2a). A plurality of different protocols can be stored, converting the smart card (2a) into a multi-directory database. The card (2a) is provided with client/webserver and CGI functions, in such a way as to be capable of initiating transmissions, by internet protocols, between directory servers (SAi) and the smart card (2a) and activating the applications (Al) stored in the card, for the execution of listing and/or locating ("PL") protocols.