Brand Owner Address Description
VICTORY JUSTIFIES EVERYTHING Sellmark Corporation 2201 Heritage Parkway
Mansfield TX 76063
Archery equipment, telescopic bow sights; Day ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A self-contained, military usage compatible, stabilized illumination calibration system and method of using same to enable in-the-field accurate determination of the low-level light falling on the surface of a night vision apparatus resolution chart and attending adjustment of a night vision device. Use of such charts, such as the chart of U.S. Pat. No. 4,607,923, preferably includes known levels of illumination at several different expected night vision goggle compatible lower-levels in order to both evaluate and adjust the performance of a night vision device prior to its use or during extended use periods. The disclosed system is digital computer controlled and provides an accurate, easy to use, and low cost alternative to previous laboratory-like methods of determining night vision evaluation illumination. The disclosed system provides go or no go indications of achieved chart illumination.