Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
1346VENICE Coolac Holdings Pty Ltd 24-26 Amelia StreetAU
Clothing namely, jackets, coats, jumpers (pullovers), ...
STYLE ME SLIM Alicia Penfield Sycamore Lodge
Nottinghamshire NG123AH
United Kingdom
Clothing, coats, jumpers (sweaters), cardigans, footwear, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Garments can be pressed with a shirt-like inflatable body that is stretched from the inside. The device has a bottom part with a blower for inflating the inflatable body. The bottom part also has a button-strip clamp for fixing the edges of the garments. In order to be able to also press shirt-like garments that cannot be opened, such as sweaters and the like, using said device, the novel apparatus has a locking device by way of which the button-strip clamp can be released from the working position near the inflatable body. Upon release, the button-strip clamp can be placed at a distance from the inflatable body or totally removed from the device in order to stretch and press closed garments on the inflatable body.