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CROE Croe, Inc. 11650 South State Street, Suite 240
Draper UT 84020
Clothing for athletic use, sports bras, ...
NISSA DENISA RADIAN Str. Oltarului nr. 8
020764 Bucuresti
Ready-to-wear clothing for men, women ...
CARL TORSBERG Rudolf Garo Weingartenstrasse 11CH
Clothing, footwear, headwear; outerclothing, coats ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A telescoping steering column assembly of the present invention includes a lower jacket disposed in telescoping relationship within an upper jacket along a longitudinal axes, and a brake supported by the upper jacket for frictional engagement with the lower jacket. The brake presents an inclined surface sloping longitudinally of the jackets. A cam device of the assembly is rotatable into and out of engagement with the inclined surface. The cam device includes a lever to move the brake upwardly, to engage the lower jacket with the upper jacket, and downwardly, to disengage the jackets in different modes of operation of the assembly.