Brand Owner Address Description
BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL Sterling Bancshares, Inc. Suite 600
2550 North Loop West
Houston TX 77092
Providing newsletters in the field of ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for automatically disabling disposable e-mail addresses based on user actions. A method embodiment for disabling disposable e-mail addresses comprises: receiving (205) at a disposable e-mail address server (DEA server) (330) an e-mail directed to the DEA server (330) via a disposable e-mail address, wherein the disposable e-mail address is associated with an un-aliased e-mail address; adding (220) tracking information to the e-mail; directing the e-mail to a e-mail client; classifying (245) the e-mail as unsolicited e-mail; ascertaining (260) creation data associated with the disposable e-mail address; conveying the creation data for subsequent interpretation; seeking (270) authorization to disable the e-mail address; and upon gaining authorization, directing (275) the DEA server (330) to disable the disposable e-mail address.