Brand Owner Address Description
FOXNOVO Shenzhen Shidai Zhongchuang Investment Co., Ltd. 21G, Hongfuge, Caifu Building,
Shenzhen City
Amplifiers; Cables, electric; Carrying cases, holders, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A hybrid personal flotation device includes a flotation vest body having a front, back, shoulder straps, and adjustable buckle straps. An expandable cover over at least a portion of the vest body covers an inflatable chamber having a front chamber portion connected to a back chamber portion by a single shoulder pass-through. Inflation of the inflatable chamber is accomplished by an oral inflation tube and/or a manually activated cylinder containing compressed CO2. The low-profile, narrow single shoulder pass-through permits fluid communication for both inflation and deflation between the front and back chamber portions, but does not restrict the wearer's neck or shoulder range of motion. The inflatable front and back chamber portions remain covered when fully inflated, and require no folding or re-packing when deflated.