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INTEL PARTNER Helfstein, Scott A 130 West 67 Street, Apt. 5D
New York NY 10023
(Based on Use in Commerce) Advisory ...
SMALLCALL Gajanovic, Borislav Aschheimerstr. 21/2
81671 Munich
Advertising agencies; Advertising agencies, promoting the ...
WSKONNEKT Ramirez, Paul 1900 Camden Ave #100
San Jose CA 95124
Administration of a discount program for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method of providing incentives to bidders on an auction item using a database and a system, the method including creating the consumer profile for at least one consumer, choosing at least one of the unsold items from the inventory based on the consumer information in the consumer profile, generating the incentive for the chosen unsold item based on the consumer file, the selection of consumer information of the incentive being substantially similar to the consumer information in the consumer profile, and offering the chosen unsold item and the incentive to the at least one consumer to induce purchasing of the chosen unsold item. The database has an inventory file having at least one of detailed descriptions of an inventory, a list of similar items of the inventory, and a list of complementary items of the inventory, and a consumer profile having at least one of bidding history, start bid, bid frequency, bid increment, final bid, winning bid, target product, Internet service provider, zip code, credit card type, and coupon redemption rate. The system has a first memory for storing consumer profiles having consumer information, including at least information relating to bids on the auction items, a second memory for storing unsold items in an inventory, and a third memory for storing a plurality of incentives for each unsold item, each incentive having a value based on a selection of the consumer information.