Brand Owner Address Description
CRYSTAL CG Crystal Computer Graphics Limited Room 1601, Wing On Centre
111 Connaught Road Central
Hong Kong
Architectural design featuring architectural rendering ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system for integrating web photo-services for a browser-enabled device is disclosed. The method and system include providing a server that communicates with the device over a network, and associating images stored on at least one photo-service site with a user account. Thereafter, an inventory of images stored on the device is received from the device, and an image-related web application is provided to the device over the network, where the web application requires access to the user's images. The method and system further include providing a list of the images associated with a user's account to the web application, wherein the list of images includes an image reference for each image and an indication of whether each image is stored on the device or on the photo-service site, such that the web application may perform at least one function on the user's images regardless of where the images are stored.