Brand Owner Address Description
FOXNOVO Shenzhen Shidai Zhongchuang Investment Co., Ltd. 21G, Hongfuge, Caifu Building,
Shenzhen City
Amplifiers; Cables, electric; Carrying cases, holders, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A computer system having transceivers coupled to USB ports so as to provide a wireless USB bus between a computer and one or more peripheral devices is disclosed. The transceivers allows the computer to be remotely located from the peripheral devices (e.g., USB devices) by distances substantially greater than five (5) meters, and thus overcomes the five (5) meter limitation on cable length for a USB bus that burdened the conventional wired USB buses. The power utilization of the transceiver is also managed so as to comply with the USB specifications. In one embodiment, the transceivers are radio frequency (RF) transceivers.