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ADVANCING PATHOLOGY BioPath Laboratories, Inc. 2013 N. Westaire Street
Bethany OK 73008
Biochemicals for laboratory use, antibodies, enzyme ...
BIOPATH Biopath Laboratories, Inc. 1333 Cornell Parkway
Oklahoma City OK 731081809
Biochemicals and molecular biology substances for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. This invention provides for labeling reagents, labeled targets and processes for preparing labeling reagents. The labeling reagents can take the form of cyanine dyes, xanthene dyes, porphyrin dyes, coumarin dyes or composite dyes. These labeling reagents are useful for labeling probes or targets, including nucleic acids and proteins. These reagents can be usefully applied to protein and nucleic acid probe based assays. They are also applicable to real-time detection processes.