Brand Owner Address Description
BLAZEWEAR HEATED CLOTHES - HEATING YOU Alphatek Computers Limited Highcroft, 13 Glenmore Avenue
United Kingdom
Clothing, heated scarves, heated leg warmers, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Footwear and footwear structures are provided as well as methods for forming composite components for footwear or footwear structures. In forming the structures, two material layers are overlaid such that the two material layers are in contact with one another. The two material layers are heated to a forming temperature and are then vacuum-formed together to form a composite material layer in a three-dimensional form of the footwear structure. A provided footwear structure includes an upper and a sole assembly attached to the upper. The sole assembly includes a first material layer made of a thermoplastic, and a second material layer attached to the first material layer. The first material layer includes a recessed area including a flat support portion, and is transparent or translucent. The second material layer includes a portion that is positioned on a surface of the recessed area, and a color of the second material layer indicates a location and/or a function of the second material layer.