Brand Owner Address Description
SIMPASS BEIJING WATCH DATA SYSTEM CO., LTD. XibajianfangDongzhimenwai,; Chaoyang District; 100015 Beijing
Data processing apparatus; recorded computer programs ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A security system for powering and displaying a handheld electronic device includes a stand assembly mounted to a support and a housing removably mounted on a top portion of the stand assembly. The handheld electronic device is secured to a top portion of the housing and a sensor is coupled to the handheld electronic device. The sensor produces a detectable signal if the handheld electronic device is moved from an authorized state. A switch is disposed on the top surface of the housing and indicates whether the handheld electronic device is in contact with the housing. An output voltage controller controls an output voltage to the handheld electronic device which can be set only when the switch indicates that the device is not in contact with the housing. The output voltage is set to zero if device is not brought into contact with the housing within a predetermined time.