Brand Owner Address Description
B & BOHEMIARTS Marissa L. Bourbonnais 668 N. Coast Hwy., Ste 169
Laguna Beach CA 92651
Decorative hand-blown and hand-formed beverage glassware; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The glassware scarf is a flexible, absorbent device used to soak up excessive condensation from glassware. The scarf is wrapped about a stem of a glass, such as a wineglass, sherbet glass, etc., and absorbs condensation that drips down from the bowl of the glass. The glassware scarf has a rectangular central body portion and first and second ends tapering from opposite ends of the rectangular central body portion. A slit is defined in the rectangular body portion adjacent to the first end. The glassware scarf is wrapped about the stem of the glass, and the second end is drawn through the slit and pulled so that the glassware scarf is secured about the stem.