Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
ARK INTERFACE Ark Interface Inc. 1201 Third Avenue Suite 2380 Seattle WA 98101 graphical user interface, computer programs and instructional manuals, sold as a unit;INTERFACE;
GRAPHIC CONNECTION AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC. 4050 Legato Road Fairfax VA 22033 graphical user interface;GRAPHIC;
META IP MetaInfo, Inc. 119 South Main Street, Suite 200 Seattle WA 98104 software which (a) includes an integrated and cross-platform IP (Internet Protocol) management solution which incorporates standards-based technologies (such as DNS and DHCP) with a relational database and graphical user interface, (b) provides a central repository for all the TCP/IP name space information for an organization, and (c) distributes such information to the proper servers within the organization;
SUMMIT VISTA Summit Medical Systems, Inc. One Carlson Parkway Suite 120 Minneapolis MN 55447 graphical user interface, icon based computer software for business management, namely for managing clinical outcomes data in the healthcare industry;

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Technical Examples
  1. To allow users to compensate for different and dynamically changing lighting conditions, the present invention introduces a graphical user interface shading system. The graphical user interface shading system provides a very simple intuitive interface to the user. In one embodiment, the user is presented with an adjustable user interface widget such as a slider that allows the user to select any shading setting along a shading continuum. The graphical user interface shading system reacts to the users control by adjusting a number of different graphical user interface elements in response to the new shading setting. In one embodiment, the graphical user interface shading system adjusts singled colored areas with a linear interpolation, text with a font color selection, icons with an icon bitmap selection, textured areas with a texture blend, and decals with a decal blend.