Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
AIM SPORTS AIM Sports Incorporated 1321 East Chief Privado
Ontario CA 91761
Wholesale and retail store services featuring ...
EXTREME G3 Kaleidoscope Marketing, LLC 731 Helena Street
Aurora CO 800117607
Hunting equipment, gun slings and game ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system and method of playing an extension game to a lottery game is disclosed. A lottery game player enters a base game and receives a base game entry, and may elect to play a second lottery game in addition to the base game, and if so, selects or has selected for them game indicia therefor. A winning entry for the base game is selected, whereupon the winning game indicia for the second game is selected to be the game indicia selected for the second game on the winning base game entry. Lottery players who won the base game receive a prize, and those lottery players who did not win the base game but that have the winning game indicia for the second game, as well as those lottery players that won the base game and have the have the winning game indicia for the second game, receive a prize.