Brand Owner Address Description
C Canali Ireland Ltd. Unit 1 E, Block 71, The Plaza Park West
Dublin 12
Paper, cardboard and goods made thereof, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. To provide a predetermined user with a privilege for a delegated application processing without providing the user with the application requester's log-in password. The application requester specifies a form class for identifying a form that requests a delegated application, both starting and ending dates for identifying a term of the requested delegated application together with a proxy applicant user ID that specifies a proxy applicant requested for the delegated application, then registers those items in the electronic form system. The electronic form system then registers those items in a proxy applicant definition table together with the application requester user II). The proxy applicant can thus enter the form submission mode of the application requester. In the form submission mode of the application requester, forms that can be submitted by the proxy applicant are selected according to the information of the form class, the starting date, the ending date, etc. registered beforehand and displayed as a list.